Corollary Kisan

About Us

Who are we ?

We are an organization dedicated to farmers, we work to solve their challenges and pain points, because we are one among them, we have a humble goal of recognizing and appreciating the efforts of farmers, to promote sustainable organic agricultural practices, to produce safe food and while doing so, ensure the financial security and prosperity of our beloved farmers.
We understand that the challenge is huge, and we are going to need all the help we can get. But we trust that: "together we can'.

What do we do ?

We are actively involved in the distribution of the best quality of seeds, saplings and plants from some of the best tissue-culture labs around india.
We actively promote the use of organic fertilizers through a rigorous planned and battle proven system designed by our team of experienced experts.
We leverage social media to promote best practices in farming that lead to great results.

Our Captains

Ankit Beniwal

Ankit Beniwal


Pavan Patil

Pavan Patil


Raju Singh

Raju Singh



Rahul Jawan

Agro expert in UP who has served in the indian armed forces, and has good experience in sugarcane and banana plantation.

Ganesh Kisan

Agro expert in Maharashtra whose expertise in banana plantation spans across decades and is unparalled

Raj Kapur Kisan

Agro expert in MP, who is experienced in banana, bamboo and papaya plantation, he also has experience running supply chain related to organic fertilisers and saplings from tissue culture labs.


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Priti Bhavan, Param Nirmal Nagar, Tupudana Ranchi, Jharkhand, 834003.

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